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2015 Conference Call for Proposals

NJALL 2015 Conference

April 24, 2015


While we welcome all proposals that deal with adult education,

we are especially interested in the following topics:

Adult Literacy Adult Basic Education ESOL Teaching Strategies
Family Literacy Health LiteracyFinancial Literacy Transitions
TechnologyLearner LeadershipPost-secondary Pathways
Advocacy Student Advising and Counseling

Workshops run 60 minutes. 
All presenters will receive a complimentary registration for the conference. 
To download a copy of the proposal,
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Proposals are due December 16, 2014
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Webinar Series

Free Webinars

We have six webinars scheduled on a variety of topics. Information about each is below, along with a link for registration.  We're excited about these webinars and we hope to see you online.
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October 10     2:00 - 3:00 PM
Ready, Set, Write!  Getting Started
(Co-Sponsored with WE LEARN)
Presenters: Shellie Walters, Marie Doerner - WE LEARN
For students in basic education classes, writing can be very difficult. What do you write? How do you get started? In the Ready, Set, Write webinar, we will take you through the creative process of writing. This webinar is for teachers who are looking to help their students and for students who are stuck and want to move forward.
 Shellie Walters is a former ABE student and leader. She is now in her second year of college.  She is always trying to develop other students around her. She is on the board of her local program and is involved in the Seattle Speakers Bureau and helps to recruit new students to join. She has been involved in the Women's Perspectives Committee and  serves on the WE LEARN Board of Directors.
 Marie Doerner has taught reading, writing and math to adult students for over 20 years.   She is always looking for authentic learning experiences for her students so the learning becomes meaningful and memorable. She is also is a Learning Disability Specialist who focuses on student strengths to help them reach their goals. Marie is on the boards of WE LEARN and the San Diego Council on Literacy.

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October 14     11:00 AM - Noon
Writing for the Journal of Prison Education and Reentry:
Practitioners Sharing Experiences from Around the World
(Co-Sponsored with The Journal of Prison Education and Reentry)
Presenters: Bill Muth and Ginger Walker, Virginia Commonwealth University
The Journal of Prison Education and Reentry is a brand new, open access international journal with two major contributing streams: research papers and practitioner papers. We take seriously the idea that researchers and practitioners can learn from each other and that everyone's contributions to the conversation are important. In this webinar we will (a) provide an overview of the journal and some basic parameters for getting a manuscript accepted for publication, and (b) facilitate a brainstorming session with the participants to generate possible topics and strategies for authoring papers.
 Dr. Muth, Associate Professor of Adult and Adolescent Literacy, uses sociocultural and critical frameworks to study prison-based literacy events-including art-literacy experiences like mural making-that help build relationships and family biographies, humanize public spaces, and value the lived experiences of incarcerated parents and their children. At Virginia Commonwealth University he is track coordinator for the Curriculum, Culture and Change Track in the PhD in Education Program and Co-Administrator of the Online Adult Literacy Certificate Program.
 G. Walker has taught composition and reading in community college, university, and correctional settings. She is currently a doctoral student in Virginia Commonwealth University's School of Education, where her research interests include creative writing pedagogy, adult literacy, and prison education. She is the journal manager for the Journal of Prison Education and Reentry.
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October 21     3:00 - 4:00 PM
What Does Genre Have To Do With It?
Making Connections Between Texts and Real-world Literacy Practices
Presenter: Kristen Perry, University of Kentucky
In this webinar, Dr. Kristen Perry will discuss the ways in which an instructional focus on genre in adult literacy education can help adult learners develop and expand their literacy skills and practices.  The presentation will provide information on (1) the ways in which genres are connected to literacy practices (that is, the ways in which people use literacy in the world), with a focus on both the structure/features of a given genre, as well as that genre's purpose and use in the world, and (2) the ways in which literacy basic skills instruction can be connected to instruction on genres and practices.  

 Kristen H. Perry is an associate professor at the University of Kentucky and director of the Cultural Practices of Literacy Study. Her work focuses primarily on literacy and culture in diverse communities, investigating everyday home/ family and community literacy practices, particularly among African immigrant and refugee communities. Her teaching experience includes teaching in multi-grade classrooms in Colorado, teaching in Africa through the Peace Corps, and teaching adult refugees in the U.S.
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November 18        3:00 - 4:00 PM
Teaching Science Using Free Online Videos
Presenter: David J. Rosen, Newsome Associates
A national group of adult education science teachers has recently created a comprehensive list of free online science instruction videos suitable for adult learners, and has reviewed some of the videos. We will look at these resources, evaluate science videos, and discuss using science videos in traditional and flipped classrooms.
 David J. Rosen was the Director of the Adult Literacy Resource Institute at the University of Massachusetts in Boston from 1986 to 2003. Now, as an education  consultant, he provides assistance to: universities, community colleges, charitable foundations, research organizations, state education agencies, state professional    development organizations, not-for-profit community-based organizations, and international non-governmental organizations.
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November 21            2:00 - 3:00 PM
Ready, Set, Write!  Going Deeper 
(Co-Sponsored by WE LEARN)
Presenter: Geraldine Cannon Becker, WE LEARN
As hard as it may be for writers to get started writing, it is often just as difficult to wrap up the process.  In the Ready, Set, Write:  Going Deeper webinar, we will show participants how to look for key words and cue phrases in their writing draft, which is a work in progress--words and phrases that might help the writer build to a statement of significance for the end of the essay and create a corresponding title for the finished work.
 Geraldine Cannon Becker, BA, MA, MFA, Associate Prof. of English and Creative Writing at the University of Maine at Fort Kent, is faculty advisor for SAGES (the Student Association for Greater English Studies). She has led adult basic education reading circles for the Maine Humanities Council, and is a member of the WE LEARN Board of Directors. 

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December 2         3:00 - 4:00 PM
Improving Persistence with Socially Relevant Instruction
(Co- Sponsored with World Education)
Presenter: Cynthia Peters, World Education
In this interactive session, participants will see lessons that teach basic skills and boost attendance. Research shows that students persist when instruction is rooted in socially relevant content. Explore a wide range of themes (from voting to fashion) and discover how to provide an empowering and motivating context for learning.
 Cynthia Peters is the editor of The Change Agent, a magazine for adult learners that teaches basic skills in the context of issues that are relevant to adults. Her expertise includes writing, editing, developing content and lesson plans, and providing professional development (both in person and via webinar) on a wide range of topics. She teaches an online course for World Education called "Helping Students Stay: Exploring Program and Classroom Persistence Strategies." Cynthia has also taught   ABE, ESOL, the GED, and Bridge to College.
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 NJALL 2015 Annual Conference 


April 24, 2015 

Warner Student Life Center

Brookdale Community College

765 Newman Springs Road, Lincroft, NJ 07738



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